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CU one pass

[b]Account    Type[/b][/td][td=1,1,178][b]Staff[/b] [b]&[/b] [b]Student[/b][/td][td=1,1,221][b]Department/  Project/ Student Organization/ Guest[/b]
[/td][/tr][tr][td=1,1,136][b]Login    ID[/b]
[/td][td][list][*]Staff & Student ID[/list][/td][td][list][*] Computing ID[/list][/td][td=1,1,201][list][*]Alumni ID (initialize your account [url=]here[/url])[/list][/td][/tr][tr][td=1,1,136][b]OnePass    Password[/b]
[/td][td=2,1][list][*]OnePass (CWEM) Password[*]Check [url=]OnePass (CWEM) Password Policy[/url] for the account and password control details[/list][/td][td=1,1,201][list][*]Alumni Password[/list][/td][/tr][tr][td=1,1,136][b]Features    available[/b]
[/td][td=2,1][list][*]Single Sign-On[*][url=]Self-service Password Reset Tool[/url][/list][/td][td=1,1,201][list][*]Single Sign-On[/list][/td][/tr][/table][b][u]Benefits[/u][/b]
[list][*][b]Save  your time[/b] – Sign in and out only once without the need to sign in and sign out  different systems one by one[*][b]Fewer  passwords to remember[/b] – Remember only one login ID and password to access  multiple systems[*][b][url=]Self-service  password reset[/url][/b] – Able to reset forgotten password yourself anytime by  remembering answers to security questions set before[*][b]Enhanced  protection[/b] – Enable account locking after 10th failure password  access and auto-unlock in 5 minutes. This protects your password from cracking  by hackers. Check[url=]OnePass (CWEM) Password Policy[/url] for the account and password control details.[*][b]Enhanced  security[/b] – Provide secure platform for CUHK departments to use centralized  authentication. This also facilitates applications that developed by third  parties without worrying of user password capture. Departments will further be informed about the platform availability in due course.[/list]
[b][u]Service Support[/u][/b]
[table][tr][td=1,1,196][b]Service    Hour[/b]
[/td][td=1,1,284]Office    Hour
[/td][/tr][tr][td=1,1,196][b]Service    Desk (Web Enquiry)[/b]
[/td][td=1,1,284](852)    3943-8845

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