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RELS 6121 - Taoist Studies: Seminar I

Course Detail
Postgraduate - Research
Grading Basis        Graded

Seminar        Required
Course Components
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Enrollment Information
Enrollment Requirement
For students in MPhil-PhD Religious Studies
Discussion in seminar setting on selected issues related to Taoism. Readings may include Taoist Canon, Taoist ritual manuscripts, and recent scholars’ work on Taoist studies. Students are allowed to take these courses for more than once, and gain the units each time they pass the course. The specific content will be designed by the teacher who offers the courses.

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RELS 6121 sections for 2013-14 Term 2

Section        Session        Status         
-S01-SEM (3044)        1         Open       
Days        Start        End        Room        Instructor        Dates
Mo        2:30PM        5:15PM        Wong Foo Yuan Bldg 105        Professor LAI Chi Tim        06/01/2014 - 14/04/2014

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